Our Work So Far

The Race and Equality Education sub-group consists of panel members from the wider GM Race and Equality Panel.

We came together as a sub-group in October 2021. Our first task was to pull together a Race and Equality Charter for schools which was developed from panel members experiences of school either as a child or as a parent, grandparent, family member or community activist. We thought this was a useful starting point. We couldn’t have asked for more when the system leaders within GMLP decided to facilitate our involvement with all schools across the ten boroughs. They felt, as do we, that if we are to bring about true inclusion and equity across all education providers in GM that race and equality should be top of the agenda.

We held our first meeting in January 2022 with school leaders from all the boroughs. In this, our GM Race and Equality Panel members presented why schools should look at the charter and endeavour to fulfil it as a living document.

Our next meeting in March explored what schools were already doing and we heard presentations from those at the start of the journey to those who had embedded race and equality work within their curriculum, and their policies and were striving to improve even further.

Our last meeting of the academic year was in June 2022 where we heard from community organisations about how to engage charitable organisations and place-based change makers. We also looked at racism through a Safeguarding lens.

Our plan for the academic year 2022-23 is outlined here.

The work is ongoing – you can never say work on race and equality is done – but through the commitment of leaders across GM we are making sure that schools and education are at the forefront of our work. We have raised awareness with Local Authority officers across GM and provided training for school governors.

For more information, please contact Margaret Woodhouse or Janice Allen.

The Future

  • System wide support with GMLP, Local Authority Officers and MAT CEOs.
  • Page to be launched on GMLP website: resources, links, curriculum, signposting
  • By February – we will have identified pathfinder schools who can work with members of the panel in developing practice and leading out across their boroughs.
  • By March 2023 – pathfinder schools will be able to feed into the GM Race and Equality Panel on their work so far; we will trial race and equality audits and peer reviews to explore good practice.
  • By June 2023 – we will have identified key staff across the borough who can lead the work the following year across GM through the GMLP.
  • We will continue to make links between LA officers and MAT CEOS, offering bespoke support and training to governors and leaders as required.